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"The Musée"

The pendulum swing from "duty" to "whim" has happily been accompanied by a kind of "homecoming to one's better selves". The spirit of the house of Georges Bloch has led to me to re-fashion the small art collection with a more limited focus on "drawings" and "sculpture".

Quite unexpectedly - of course I say this tongue in cheek - a renewed passion for collecting after various sales and new acquisitions has turned the house - through a special kind of Imagination - into a small museum. This led to the idea of "The Musée", which complements the idea of "The Salon". Undertaking the building work for the small art collection reconciled me to the irritation of converting the whole house. The friendly support I received put me back in touch with gallery owners, collectors, artistic institutions and artists for whom, as the saying goes, I had too little time in my previous existence. This very involving activity led me to reassess the collection to preserve what is best about it and take some hesitant steps towards including contemporary works. This led to the addition of works by Rodney Graham, Richard Jackson, Richard Allan Morris, James Turrell, Richard Artschwager, John McCracken, Roni Horn, Richard Long, Hamish Fulton, Markus Raetz, Balthasar Burkhardt, Toni Ungerer, Roland Tapor, Jean Bosc, Anri Sala, Nabuyoshi Araki and Robert Müller. Carl André, David Weiss and Peter Fischli, Not Vital, Roman Signer, Hans Josephson, Pipilotti Rist, Jason Rhoades and Paul Mc Carthy. It was in many respects "a homecoming to one's better selves". I should like my work to be undertaken in the midst of the arts, including consultancy, and to test the true meaning of Arno Schmidt's saying, which for years I have had hanging up in my offices, "The world of art is the true world; the rest is a nightmare".

I also do consultancy work in international art projects.


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