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After a “homecoming to one’s better self” we have chosen “Imagination” as an open Leitmotiv: mon drapeau.

We started with the Einstein quote “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge” and moved on to Goethe “Imagination lies in the wait as the most powerful enemy, naturally raw, and enamored of absurdity, it breaks out against all civilizing restraints like a savage who takes the delight in grimacing idols”, we chose “innovation delivered” as claim and decorate our working tables with the sign “Imagine” eluding IBM’s earlier signs “Think”.

It may be a contrapuntal endeavor to strive for a restoration of “Imagination” in the Drolshammer Strategy & Law’s realm of law and lawyers. With a certain detachment and irony of attitude and tone the times for the unexpected might have come. It is an Prof. Jens Drolshammer’s expression of hope and creativity and a reliance on powerful potentials. It favors thinking out of the box. It combines rigor and clarity with courage and commitment in a playful and graceful way; it contains a potential for emancipation and change.

When intellectuals succumb to the lure of money, power and specialization it gives room to the impossible, unexpected and irreverent eluding dogma, ideology and logic. It bridges the gap between science of law and art of law, it makes an intellectual homo ludens a playful broker between expectation and experience, it brings back, as said elsewhere, a disciplinary libido to the current lawyering of the “amateur professional and the professional amateur”, his institutions and his language. Imagination is a seducing meta-strategem of the cunning or as a famous Jazz singer sang in a chorus: “Imagination is funny it makes a cloudy day sunny it makes a bee think of honey, just as I think of you…”

We strive to realize the Leitmotiv Imagination wherever and whenever professional and personal life offers an opportunity, be it in devising consulting strategies and new didactic methods in teaching, in chosing out of the box writing topics and new formats in the academic, cultural and teaching encounters in “The Salon” as well as in creating a different work experience in a collection of modern art. You therefore may turn to work of art “how to work better” by the Swiss Artists Peter Fischli/ David Weiss, two masters in the realm of imagination.

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